ECPA – European Crop Protection Association

ECPA – European Crop Protection Association

We represent the crop protection industry in Europe. Our members develop innovative and science-based solutions that keep crops healthy and contribute to provide Europeans a safe, affordable, healthy, and sustainable food supply.

We encourage sustainable farming practices and the responsible use of crop protection technology important for the sustainable intensification of agriculture.

We believe policy should be informed by science and designed to manage risk. We advocate for a predictable and proportionate EU regulatory environment that fosters innovation and encourages competitiveness.

We listen and learn from stakeholders and the public, and engage in dialogue on key topics to better understand the interests, views and perspectives of others working towards sustainable agricultural productivity.

We deliver awareness raising and stewardship activities for the safe and sustainable use of pesticides in Europe, encouraging management practices that safeguard harvests, human health, and the environment. Discover our projects on farmer health, food safety and the protection of water and biodiversity at the ‘Stewardship’ section of this website.